New Puritans

by Cavillers

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New Puritans was recorded sporadically between 23rd October 2013 and 16th April 2014. Primary tracking took place at 47 Nile Street, Sunderland. It was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by the band.

Each download comes with a bonus pdf lyric booklet.

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released April 18, 2014

Lee McConnell - guitars, bass, vocals.
Jonathan Honnor - drums, percussion.
Special thanks to Jordan Lovett and Laura da Costa for providing their excellent backing vocals.
All songs by Cavillers.



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Cavillers Sunderland, UK

Cavillers hail from Sunderland, UK. The band blends contemplative lyrics with precise, melodic punk rock.

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Track Name: An Article of Faith
We’re all guided by convictions, but your prescriptions were divine, certain that what you’d come to know and trust would come to pass in time. But we know that your diversions will not last even though you might find reprieve in the abstract. A product of ignorance, convenience, or some measure of the two, but, whether thoughtless or insidious, you still can’t silence the truth. Design benevolent pledge-drives radiating the good word. Beyond subliminal, a cynical broadcast that must be heard in full. When fragmentation and atrocity deliver the returns you sought, how do you reconcile your plunder with the values you were thought to hold?
Track Name: Spectres
A resonant, coarse howl decays and vacates a packed intersection. Scattered spectators observe, paralysed by a vocal inflection. Tormented souls without repast. The failing founding fathers passed. The scenery disguised the view. An audience determined to lose sight of this. To induce withdrawal and resign to the apocryphal. Persistent spectres soon displaced by the apparitions we embrace. Content to render ourselves blind, desperate to blot out the light. The visions we can bare won’t disclose all that’s there. How many masks of woeful bone are seeking to obviate the cold? And how many diamond sutras pacify their desperate souls? Senses withdrawn as judgements fall on all but the most trivial. The righteous left to assign blame and incite a generation’s shame. Do you feel a stranger in your own skin, or the hollow presence of a phantom limb? Warped by the streets that seek forgiveness for your grief. But, sanity and competence belies desire and consequence. A temporary offering, but isn’t it all?
Track Name: Idle Lands
A history strewn into the dust; left to a caustic amber rust. Abrasive fragments erode us, yet fortify unjust enrichment. So, draw figures in the sand and drive augers into earth. Stake claim to what your hands coerced. Are your rights derived from lineage, a consequence of time, or a measure of brute force for some exalted resource? Quietly retreat to abstract maths and remote chemistry. Reduce to fallacy. If nitrates are not land, then carbon is not man, and justice serves a higher demand than symbolic reparations in the wake of systemic oppression and the graves of a population, now defiled. No justice for the ‘reconciled’. Hands held out to settlers. Reluctant forbearers.
Track Name: Pale Blue Dot
Attendant to immediate threats. Caught by unfurling tangled threads. We seek new remedies to cope with all that we can’t comprehend. We function under the constructs of anxiety and lust: the fevered symptoms of the tired pursuits that we fail to confront. Left to endure the fallout of the interventions we ensure. Rainout above. Contaminated, written off as collateral, and boundary lines redrawn. Ecstasy and distress finally intersect. When heaven falls then what do we have left? An incinerate terrain drenched in St. Theresa’s rain: a fallibility that cannot be contained. Our intention to bear arms, in the shadow of the bomb. The only measure left the consequence to be agreed upon. All benevolence declined and the starring roles assigned. Leave the leaders to conspire behind moral divides. Our solutions place the commons of humanity on trial.