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Erase the message. Delay the fall of an edifice built on ever shifting sand. You find strength in our limits; a permanent image that simple thought cannot annul. Your deeds stand firmer than a rock, well I must confess, my hope was built on something less. You raised us to erase all exposition of these crimes; to forfeit doubt for peace of mind. Now can we seek to make amends and cast new light on buried heads? Domination as birth right, faith and allegiance reified.

Are we all that we are, or all that we’re not? Words ruptured from their histories. Context infected with rigid mythologies. Just how long can it take us to appreciate that the values we are sold are not innate. The finest fiction falling, crushed by its own weight. A dying star; a fantasy displaced.

An aerial procession poised. Synthetic culture waits to fill the void. The stubborn narratives of boys’ adventure stories are wearing thin. We wait our chance to walk on stage and deliver lines in scripted power plays.


from Syrtis Major, released January 8, 2016



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Cavillers Sunderland, UK

Cavillers hail from Sunderland, UK. The band blends contemplative lyrics with precise, melodic punk rock.

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